Discover the Redbrick Pulse Collection

Discover the Redbrick Pulse Collection

Do you have a high standard for what a comfortable and safe safety shoe should be? And do you think they should look good as well? Then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the new Pulse collection.

These shoes are lightweight, flexible, and can take a punch. Which is good, because sometimes things can get a bit rough at work. Not just your mates' humour, but the things your feet have to endure too. Thanks to the Pulse, you can feel safe and secure.

Flexible safety shoes

Those who work hard must be resilient. But that's difficult when you're walking around in heavy, clunky boots. The Redbrick Pulse safety shoes stand out on several levels. The collection is made with modern materials. This makes them really safe, and comfortable on top of that. Their most distinguishing feature is the flexible EVA midsole. You normally don't really see this flexible material in heavy-duty safety shoes.

The Redbrick Pulse safety shoes come in high and low models. That way, you can easily choose a model that suits you. Is your nickname Bigfoot? Redbrick has your back. Some Pulse models even go up to size 51! So, even if your feet are on the bigger side, you can still wear trendy shoes to work.

De Redbrick Pulse Speed Lace High, een S3 veiligheidsschoen met snelsluiting

The perfect safety shoe for every professional

The new Redbrick Pulse collection is sure to hold the shoe that best suits your daily work activities. It includes anything from a regular proper safety shoe to two speed-lace models, which make tying your shoelaces a thing of the past. Two models in the collection feature a reinforced over-nose.

Furthermore, all safety shoes have soles with a chunky profile. That's perfect for outdoor and indoor activities on wet or uneven surfaces. To top it off, the raised heel allows you to climb ladders or scaffolding securely. All this makes the Pulse ideal for professionals such as construction workers, plumbers, fitters and painters.

De waterdichte Redbrick Pulse Waterproof S3 veiligheidsschoen

Never have wet feet again with waterproof safety shoes

All models from the Redbrick Pulse collection are water-repellent, which means that they will protect against splashing water for at least 60 minutes. But if you're looking for a truly waterproof model, the Pulse Waterproof is the choice for you.

This high S3 safety shoe guarantees your feet will stay protected from water up to the ankles. This is perfect for professions such as cleaners and window cleaning, farming, livestock breeding or gardening, which often have you working in a damp environment. But even if you're working in a retail distribution centre or at the fruit and vegetable auction, these waterproof shoes are ideal for you.

You can order the Pulse collection exclusively from our webshop! Would you like to find out more about these safety shoes? Or do you have any other questions? Then feel free to contact us.