Find out how to measure your shoe size

Find out how to measure your shoe size

Are you planning to buy new safety shoes? Then it pays to check which shoe size you need before you buy them. Not only because work shoes with the right size are a lot more comfortable. But especially - and more importantly - because work shoes that do not fit properly can cause bad posture or orthopaedic problems. You can develop hammertoes, for instance, or your big toe can grow crooked. Obviously not something you want.

So it is crucial to measure your shoe size correctly. But that sounds easier than it actually is. Because of the different sizing systems, there is a lot of confusion about shoe sizes. Because we want your Redbrickies to fit around your foot like slippers, we explain how to measure your shoe size and how to determine your working shoe size.

Four steps to measure your shoe size

Jos helps you measure your shoe size. That way you choose safety shoes that fit you!Follow the steps below to measure your shoe size. Always measure both feet. There may be slight differences between them. If that is the case, always take the largest foot as a starting point.
  1. Place a blank sheet of paper against the wall.
  2. Stand on the paper, with your heels against the wall. It is important that you stand completely straight. Also make sure the paper does not move.
  3. Draw a line on the paper where your foot is longest. Do this for both your left and right foot.
  4. Measure the distance on the paper (in centimetres).

You now know exactly how long your feet are. With the size of your foot in centimetres, you can then look up which size work shoe you need in our size chart. Note: the column 'length' refers to the length of your feet. If the length of your foot is between two sizes, round up.

And again: if your feet are not exactly the same size, go with your largest foot. Do you normally have a half size? Then choose one size bigger. If you normally have a size 44.5, for example, choose a size 45. This is because our work shoes all contain safety toecaps, so there is no flexibility in the toecap.

Please note: we recommend always ordering shoes from the Motion-collection one size up since they have a tight fit.

Width measurement

Besides the length measurement, shoes also have a width measurement. All our shoes have a standard width. The table shows the width of our work shoes per shoe size. A larger shoe size therefore always means a slightly wider shoe.

The table with Redbrick width measurements

Any doubts? Just try it on!

Still in doubt between two shoe sizes? Then why not just test both out? Just order the work shoe in two sizes and choose the one that fits you best. The pair that does not fit can be returned free of charge. This way, you get your work shoes quickly, without having to leave the house. Check out our collection now.