The Unbrickables

Aside from safety, there's something else we find very important: having fun. Sure, work should get done. But joking around on the job every now and then should be totally fine. Jur, Jos, Engel, Joey, Maas and Gido agree with us. They each have their own area of expertise, but still run into each other regularly at work. And they meet outside of work too. They like to call themselves 'The Unbrickables': they're unbreakable!

Jur the construction worker, friend of Redbrick

Jur, the construction worker

Jur is the life of the party at work. He likes to blast Dutch folk songs from his construction radio all day long. Not everyone is happy about that. Whatever, as long as Jur is happy!

Years of getting comments on his taste in music have made Jur grow a thick skin. Much like his shoes, by the way. When he's at his construction job, Jur prefers to walk around on the Redbrick Pulse High. They can handle a punch, just like his sense of humour.

Engel, the contractor

Every morning, Engel drives his fancy car onto the construction site. He can't deny that he secretly enjoys the looks of his mates when he arrives.

Sometimes, Engel's job requires him to be stern. Having a comfortable pair of shoes in which he can easily cross the entire construction site is important to Engel. The Pulse Speed Lace, for example. They slip off nice and quickly too, so he doesn't have to get the interior of his car dirty!

Engel the contractor, friend of Redbrick Safety Sneakers
Jos, the paver, friend of Redbrick Safety Sneakers

Jos, the paver

Jos, a genuine family man. With Jur's folk songs blasting in the background and his family in his thoughts, the street basically paves itself.

Because he spends so much time on his knees, having an extra over-nose on his shoes is not just a luxury for Jos. Because let's face it, safety shoes with scuffed up and worn-out toes are just not a great look. The Redbrick Ruby is therefore his favourite. This low model doesn't cut into the ankles and offers them ample freedom to move.

Maas, the plasterer

When he's not at work, he likes to walk around in the newest and coolest sneakers. On the job though, they get too dirty and don't offer enough protection.

Luckily for our resident pretty boy Maas, there's the Redbrick Motion Spark. White safety sneakers that match his work outfit perfectly. Because honestly, he should look good at work too, right?

Maas, the plasterer, friend of Redbrick Safety Sneakers
Gido, the supplier, friend of Redbrick Safety Sneakers

Gido, the supplier

As soon as the always cheerful Gido arrives in his truck, it's party time for all his colleagues. He's on the road a lot, which can be a little boring. His shoes, fortunately, are not.

Gido always steals the show in his red Redbrick Motion Spirit sneakers. They also protect his feet when in the warehouse, because Gido is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and help out.

Joey, the carpenter

Lunch is Joey's favourite time of day. That's when he challenges himself to build as many grilled cheese sandwiches as he can. Every single day.

His diet might not be super varied, but his on-the-job skills certainly are! Aside from carpentry projects, you can also call on Joey to install electricity or lay floors. Truly, a jack of all trades. Joey prefers to wear the Redbrick Flint S3.

Joey the carpenter, friend of Redbrick Safety Sneakers

Friends of Redbrick

Martijn Kuipers, truckdriver and vlogger, with the Schitteront Safety shoe he designed with Redbrick Safety Sneakers

'The Unbrickables' aren't our only friends, Redbrick has even more than that! Take truck driver and vlogger Martijn Kuipers, for example. Together we designed the Redbrick Schitterønt safety shoes. We think that's tight and verrry nice, as Martijn would say.

And we are not the only ones: already thousands of fans are walking around in these bad-ass shoes.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the pictures below.

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