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Style and safety don't mix? We beg to disagree. Those clunky safety shoes are so last season. We see it as our job to protect your feet and have you looking spiff on the job. That is why Redbrick introduced the very first safety sneaker in 2008. A safety shoe, but a good-looking one.

Because no matter what you do for a living, you want to feel like you. You want to enjoy life, have fun. Make the best out of every day, with everyone around you. At home, on holiday, with your friends in a bar… but also at work with your colleagues.

Life is fun, and too short to wear ugly shoes. Whether you work in construction, in a factory or in a warehouse.

Discover the Redbrick Safety Sneakers - safety shoes for warehouses, logisitcs and drivers

Safety Sneakers

Boring, clunky boots? You won't find those here. A safety shoe should protect your feet, there's no mistaking about that. However, appearance matters as well. That is why we have been making the hippest safety sneakers for already 15 years. With the latest technology and following the latest trends, of course, so you always look good. After all, what could be nicer than getting your style complimented by your colleagues? Would you like to know more? Then check out our collection!

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Redbrick's friends

Whether you work in logistics or in construction: having fun with your friends is part of the job. So it's no surprise that Redbrick has many friends in a variety of professions. Have you met them? 'The Unbrickables' are colleagues who are also great friends. And let's not forget Martijn Kuipers, who got together with us to launch his own safety shoe. Join the fun and become a friend of Redbrick too.

Get to know our friends
Get to know the friends of Redbrick!
Redbrick joined the Circular Footwear Alliance

Sustainable Safety Shoes

We are increasingly applying circular principles in our designs and production. Our goal? To make our safety shoes from as many components that can be reused at the end of the shoe's life as possible. Through our distributor, we are also a co-founder of the Circular Footwear Alliance (CFA).

This alliance focuses on preserving and reusing raw materials wherever possible. Of course, the quality will remain just as you have come to expect from us. And that's not the only thing we do when it comes to sustainability.

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