Clunky safety shoes? Sooo out of style.

We protect your feet in a stylish way, and we have done so for many years already. In a traditional market, in which practical and clunky safety shoes were the standard, we were the first to introduce the safety sneaker. A safety shoe with the look of a sneaker. It was unprecedented at the time, and even the term 'safety sneaker' had to be coined by us.

In 2008, Redbrick launched the first sneaker safety shoe. Since then, we have expanded our selection to include the sporty Motion collection, a ladies' line and a business line. We use modern, strong materials and keep innovating to ensure our collection always matches the latest trends. After all, we want you to look good on the job.

Redbrick Ladies

Ladies want to work in nice shoes too, of course. That is why we introduced a special line of safety sneakers for women.

Remarkable, because this collection is specially designed for a woman's foot. As such, the Ladies Line by Redbrick is much narrower than the average safety shoe. To top it off, the collection is made with lightweight materials. Because who wants to walk around in heavy, clunky boots? From high to low and from black to bright purple: the Ladies Line certainly has much to choose from.

Production of the Redbrick safety shoes


Many of our safety sneakers are made in Europe. Our collections come from Portugal and Italy, for example.

Here our safety shoes are produced and tested using special machines. Did you know that a toecap must be able to withstand at least 200 Joules? That number probably doesn't mean much to you, but it does mean that our Redbrickies are extremely safe. And that you can work without a worry in the world.