Which safety shoes do I need?

Which safety shoes do I need?

Entire evenings spent scouring the internet for work shoes before finally finding your favorite model. But how can you be sure if that safety shoe is suitable for your job? Shopping online from your couch is comfortable, but you miss the expertise of a shop assistant. To help you find the right work shoes online we have developed the Shoe Finder. Our selection tool guides you in your search for safety shoes that suit your work.

How the Shoe Finder works

How can an online tool help you find the right work shoes? The Shoe Finder does this by first asking you a number of questions, from general to specific. These include questions about which type of model you prefer (high or low) to questions about your working conditions, such as 'Do you often work in a humid environment?'

Chances are there will also be questions you haven't thought of yourself. For example: 'Do you work on a ladder? then you need a model with a heel for better grip. And what profile is best for your work, do you need ESD or anti-static work shoes or perhaps a sturdy overnose?

The Shoe Finder as your personal assistent

Already dizzy from all the possible options? Don't worry, the Shoe Finder will help you further. By answering all the questions, you give the tool the information it needs. With this data, the Shoe Finder will search online for you for the work shoes you need. As soon as it is found, you will be shown a selection, in most cases an S1P or S3 work shoe will be recommended. But always check with your employer which safety class your work shoes have to meet.

Choose between several brands of work shoes

Redbrick is a brand specialised in safety shoes with a sporty and modern look. But we have also included other brands in the Shoe Finder, such as the new Reebok work collection. We also included safety shoes from brands like Vismo, Mr.Miles en Grisport. This way you have a wide choice of models in different safety classes. And although you may prefer a Redbrick work shoe, it may happen that the Shoe Finder recommends other shoes because they are better suited to your work activities.

Finally, you can filter the Shoe Finder results by color or model, for example. This way you can find the perfect safety shoes that not only suit your work but also your personal taste. You want to look great while working too, after all.

Search beyond your top results

Still not happy with the selection of safety shoes shown by the Shoe Finder? Then it is good to know that the way in which the Shoe Finder selects the shoes is very specific. Anything that falls just short of your requirements will not be shown first, even if there is only a slight difference with your wishes. In that case, you can search further in the entire range on the website. Always keep a close eye on whether the work shoes meet the requirements of your working environment.

Pay extra attention to your work environment

At Redbrick, we often notice that wearers of work shoes are dissatisfied because they are not wearing the right work shoes for their situation. Because what extra specifications you need depends on the environment you work in.

For example, someone in construction needs a sturdier shoe than a truck driver. And for an employee in the hospitality industry, it is different again. Also, many people often do not know, for example, that when working on rough ground you need a coarse rubber sole and when working on the knees you always need a sturdy overnose.

Still have questions? Chat with our experts

Do you still have specific questions about your Shoe Finder results or anything regarding buying safety shoes? Our experts will be happy to help you via our contact page.